Luna DKN300/450/600 Hand Wind Measuring Stop


The LUNA DKN series of Hand Wind Digital Measuring Stops is the ideal solution for improving cutting efficiently and reducing mistakes. The DKN uses a hand wheel located near the digital display to move the carriage along the length of the conveyor. The digital display gives the operator an accurate readout of the dimension to within 0.1mm. A manual brake is provided to lock the stop into position. The mobile stop uses proper roller bearings which travel on twin hardened steel slide ways. This provides maximum rigidity and longevity through out the products life.

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The DKN is best suited to jobs where short sizes then long sizes are to be cut. The DNK will dramatically reduce the time the operator takes to set the various sizes. This is because the operator does not need to walk up and down the length of the conveyor to set the stop. They simply wind the stops to the size and lock the brake, simple!

The DKN Hand Wind features a fully integrated roller conveyor meaning there is no need to purchase a conveyor for the DKN. The unit is supplies ready to go.

DKN is available in the following sizes:

DKN300 = 3.0m Maximum cut length (from saw blade)

DKN450 = 4.5m Maximum cut length (from saw blade)

DKN600 = 6.0m Maximum cut length (from saw blade)

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3.0m Hand Wind Digital Stop, 4.5m Hand Wind Digital Stop, 6.0m Hand Wind Digital Stop