Lunasol Ultra Aluminium Spray Mist Coolant


Aluminium Cutting Coolant Lubricant

High-performance and low-cost cutting fluid designed specifically for spray mist lubrication systems. Will not affect welding or powder coating processes. Lunasol is non-toxic, contains no halogens or carcinogens, and is petroleum-free and fully synthetic. Lunasol is designed for use on all non-ferrous metals and can be used in all aluminium processes, including sawing, drilling, tapping, punching and milling.

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  • Dilutes 20:1 with tap water
  • Designed for Spray-Mist Systems
  • Welding & Powdercoating safe
  • Fully Synthetic
  • Contains Rust inhibitors
  • Low Odour

Additional information

Weight 20.99 kg
Dimensions N/A
Lunasol Ultra

1 Litre, 20 Litre, 4 Litre


Lunasol Ultra MSDS 2022

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