Window & Door “Tilting” Assembly Bench

The PWB 4100 Tilting Assembly Table is ideal for any manufacture of frame type products. The Working Table can be tilted using Pneumatic rams to make removing finished Windows or Doors much easier and support arms can be lengthened to suite the frame being assembled. This greatly improves efficiency and also improves the overall organisation of the work area.

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  • This table is designed to be used for mounting of door, window and blade profilles and their Windows
  • It can expand horizontally and vertically for big frames and blades
  • The upper surface of the table can be tilted to a 70° in order to carry out the mounting of the glasses
  • For pneumatic and electrical tools that will be used during the mountingprocess, the table comes equipped with a pneumatic quick connection and a electrical plug on the side
  • Working Width: 1800-3250 mm
  • Working Length: 1700-2200mm
  • Working Height: 865mm
  • Maximum Frame Mounting Dimensions 3200 x 2800 mm

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Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 210 × 190 × 110 cm