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The Versatility of CNC Routers in Aluminium Cutting Workshops

Unveiling the Power of Versatility  

A CNC router in an aluminium workshop resembles a Swiss Army knife. Its versatility is unparalleled. It can execute a multitude of tasks, from intricate milling & drilling to precise notching and rebating work, all with a level of accuracy that manual processes can’t match.  Almost any shaped aluminium profile can be machined using Pertici CNC routers. This adaptability is crucial for workshops aiming to diversify their output, enhance product quality, and ensure consistent machining every time.  

Enhanced Precision and Efficiency  

The precision of CNC routers stands as a testament to technological advancement. These machines can handle complex designs and patterns on aluminium extrusions with meticulous accuracy, eliminating human error and ensuring consistency across multiple pieces. The speed at which these routers operate significantly boosts workshop efficiency, enabling faster turnaround times without compromising quality.  A Pertici CNC router is an invaluable investment in a world where time is money.  

A Solution for Every Challenge  

Whether creating bespoke pieces, replicating intricate designs, or modifying components for specific applications, CNC routers rise to the challenge. Their capacity to work with various aluminium thicknesses and profiles and advanced software integration allows for creating components that meet exact specifications quickly and easily. This flexibility opens possibilities for customisation and innovation in aluminium fabrication.  

Not All Jobs Are The Same  

Our range of CNC routers offers the flexibility and productivity most workshops dream about.  Whether every job is different or there is a requirement for a thousand of the same design, our CNC routers can easily accommodate either situation.  

The Foundation of a Modern Workshop  

Investing in a CNC router transforms an aluminium workshop into a hub of creativity and efficiency. With AMS’s expertise and support, customers can fully leverage the capabilities of their machinery, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the aluminium fabrication industry. Our comprehensive range of products, including saw blades, tooling, router cutter bits and cutting fluids designed for aluminium processing, complements the CNC router’s performance, ensuring smooth operation and long-lasting service.  

In the dynamic world of aluminium fabrication, CNC routers are the machine that provides 1000 solutions to the industry’s diverse needs. Their precision, efficiency, and versatility make them indispensable tools in modern workshops. At AMS, we are proud to support our clients in harnessing the full potential of these machines through training and servicing, empowering them to achieve excellence in their projects and beyond. With a CNC router, the possibilities are not just numerous but virtually limitless!  

Partner with the Professionals at AMS   

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