ACK420 Aluminium Upcut Mitre Saw: Enhancing Safety and Precision 

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The ACK420 Aluminium Upcut Mitre Saw has proved itself a gamechanger for businesses seeking the pinnacle of performance.  

Available in three different sizes, this circular saw is quickly becoming the standard for aluminium cutting as it supersedes the conventional “pull down” or “drop saw” in safety, accuracy, and ease of use. Whether you’re in the fabrication, construction, or manufacturing business, having the right equipment can make all the difference.  

Elevate Your Equipment

In the world of aluminium cutting, the ACK420 Aluminium Upcut Mitre Saw (the most popular model) has proved itself revolutionary as it offers a range of features that not only elevate your output, but also prioritises the well-being of your workforce. These include:  

Safety First  

The ACK420 puts safety at the forefront of its design, implementing a 2-hand operation system to protect the operator. This guarantees that both hands are preoccupied during the cutting process, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Thanks to its safety considerations, this equipment surpasses the Australian Safety standards and is also approved for use in the majority of countries worldwide.   

Material Optimisation 

The ACK420 uses a 4x material clamping system that secures your aluminium material throughout the cutting process, minimising inaccuracies. This feature significantly enhances your operational efficiency and reduces costs since material waste is decreased. Also, the integrated extraction feature captures the aluminium chips and shavings where it can be recycled and refunded, again reducing cost and promoting greener practices. 

Specialised Design  

This machinery was built with aluminium in mind, taking the unique challenges it presents into consideration. Its specialised design considers the nature of the material and the dangers when manipulating it. Therefore, the ACK420 features an enclosed hood designed to isolate the cutting zone, preventing projectile debris accidents that are common with the drop saw.  


Made with adaptability in mind, the ACK420 was created to evolve with your business. This saw can seamlessly be integrated into your expanding operations without compromising safety or accuracy. Its sturdy build and forward-thinking design ensure that your investment yields well into the future, saving you from the hassle of frequent equipment upgrades.  

The features of the ACK420 Aluminium Upcut Mitre Saw prove that it is more than just a piece of equipment for your business, but an investment in safety, accuracy, and growth.  

Unsure if this machinery would best suit your business? The team at AMS is here to help your business be equipped with the aluminium machinery solution that meets your specific requirements.   

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