Enhancing Precision, Efficiency, and Tool Longevity with Lunasol Cutting Coolants

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In the world of metalworking, cutting coolants are an indispensable part of the process. From CNC routers to double mitre saws, these machines demand a lot from their cutting tools. One of the best ways to get the most out of your machinery and achieve a high level of precision is by using specialised cutting coolants like Lunasol Ultra Aluminium Cutting Coolant or Lunasol XL High-Performance Coolant.  

What do Lunasol Ultra and XL coolants have in common? 

Before delving into the specifics of what elevates these Lunasol coolants to best in class, it’s essential to understand why Lunasol cutting coolants are crucial in metalwork: 

  • Reduced Friction: Coolants help reduce friction between the cutting tool and the metal, which makes for smoother cuts. 
  • Temperature Control: By reducing friction, coolants help control the temperature of the cutting zone, maintaining precision cutting. 
  • Swarf Removal: Coolants assist in removing the material chips that are produced during the cutting process. 
  • Tool Longevity: They protect tools from premature wear and tear, leading to less downtime and lower operational costs.
  • Low odour: Traditional cutting fluids emit unpleasant odours that can be uncomfortable for operators. Lunasol coolants ensure a more pleasant working environment without compromising their exceptional performance.  

What makes Lunasol Ultra and XL the best coolants for you? 

Lunasol Ultra Aluminium Cutting Coolant 

  • Synthetic Brillance: One of the standout features of Lunasol Ultra is its fully synthetic formula. Unlike traditional coolants that may contain oils or emulsions, Lunasol Ultra relies on advanced synthetic chemistry to deliver exceptional results. This synthetic formulation brings several advantages to the table; it is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-irritating. 
  • Dilutes with water: One of the most practical aspects of Lunasol Ultra is its ease of use. This coolant can be easily diluted with water at a ratio of 20:1. This means you can extend the usage of each container, making it an economical choice for metalworking operations. The straightforward dilution process also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring consistent performance every time. 
  • Versatile Application: Lunasol Ultra Aluminium Cutting Coolant is engineered primarily for spray-mist coolant systems. However, its versatility shines through as it can also be used for flood cooling. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of machining applications and equipment, providing flexibility in your metalworking processes. 

Lunasol XL High-Performance Coolant  

  • Unique Scientific Formula: Made in Germany to rigorous standards, Lunasol XL is designed to provide optimal cooling and lubrication properties. It also has special ‘Anti Wear’ additives, which are used to prolong tool life and improve cut finish, as well as corrosion inhibitors and will not rust or corrode.    
  • Superior Coolant: Designed to be used neat (do not dilute) in high-precision spray mist applicators and positive displacement pumps usually found in CNC machines. Created to be multi-metal safe, including stainless steel, as used when working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals   
  • Ideal for High-Speed Routing: Created to be used in high-performance workflows, Lunasol XL allows you to machine and cut quicker. By increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime, you get more out of your machine and day.       

Lunasol Ultra and Lunasol XL are not just a purchase; They are an investment in the efficiency and longevity of your metalworking tools and the quality of your finished products. With Lunasol Ultra or XL, you can elevate your aluminium-cutting operations to new heights while controlling costs. Next time you’re looking to optimise your metalworking process, reach out to AMS Aluminium Machinery Solutions. You won’t be disappointed. 

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