DC550SK Aluminium Double Mitre Saw (Full CNC)

High Production, High Capacity, High Accuracy

The DC550 Double Mitre Saws are the ultimate in cutting efficiency and versatility. They are able to cut large quantities of various profiles quickly and accurately without the costly mistakes commonly associated with “normal” single head cutting machines. The DC550 is built on a rock solid welded steel frame. This frame is the key to the strength and ridgity of the DC550 machines. The linear rails are made from 50mm ground and hardened high carbon steel. All metal work on these machines is completed using the latest manufacturing technology from Europe including High Pressure Casting and CNC machining.

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Key Features:

  • Twin 550mm Saw Blades
  • Ability to do external Mitres
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Import Cut LIsts via USB
  • Auto Angle Tilt 22º - 135º
  • Feed & Cut Features
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Some of the standard features include the ability to cut any angle between 22 and 135 degrees on both heads. Compact and efficient design allows for lower operating and maintenance costs. High level of precision is offered to the operator. Less fatigue for the operators and less chances for mistakes.

Unique features of the machine include the ability to cut lengths up to 10,000mm. This is much longer than the physical length of the machine. This is achieved through cleaver use of the software in the CNC controller. The DC550SK and P versions are also capable of repeat feed and cut cycles in a completely autonomous operation mode. The machine will also auto feed and cut mitres.

The DC550 saws also feature a new revolutionary vertical clamping system. The special system incorporates a pneumatic cylinder which is located inside the machine. This protects the cylinder from damage. The clamp pad protrudes from the body of the machine right next to the saw blade. This allows for vertical clamping with the blade in ANY ANGLE POSITION!! This is not available on any other double head saw!!

If you are an aluminium fabricator and are currently using two or more single head saws you should seriously consider the advantages of a DC550 machine in your shop.

Imagine the possibilities and the efficiency you could achieve…..

The DC550 is available in three different versions from manual movement through to fully CNC automatic control of all functions of the machine.

DC550 M Version. Features include:

  • Auto Angle selection for 45-90 degrees
  • Intermediate angles set via graduated scale
  • 2 x 3Kw 415v Sealed Induction Motors
  • 2 x 550mm TCT Aluminium Blades
  • 4 x Horizontal Clamps
  • 2 x Vertical Clamps
  • Spraymist Blade lubricator with on/off switch
  • Hydro Pneumatic Blade feed for smooth cutting (fully adjustable)
  • Digital length display with accuracy of +/-0.1mm
  • 2.5m Roller support table
  • Intermediate profile support
  • Automatic Safety Guards

DC550 P Version. Includes the above features plus:

  • LCD Touch Screen Controller
  • Length of cut set via Controller
  • Repeat Feed and Cut Auto Mode (Slicing)
  • Extended Length Cutting up to 10,000mm
  • Automatic Calibration cycle

DC550 SK Version. Includes the above features plus:

  • Windows Touch Screen Controller
  • Import .MDB Cut Lists from external software
  • FULL CNC ANGLE CONTROL select any angle via touch screen controller
  • Automatic mode sets angles and length from cut list, no operator input required.
  • Software Extended length cutting up to 10,000mm
  • Software Minimum length cutting below 250mm
  • Automatic Feed and Cut mode @ 90 degrees
  • Automatic Feed and Cut MITRE mode
  • Special cutting modes (Chamfer Cut, Wedge Cut)