Yilmaz machinery includes a 2 year warranty against manufacturing / workmanship defects. This warranty is initiated from the date of invoice. Warranty is limited to faulty workmanship and materials. Warranty claims must be lodged in writing with a Luna Warranty Report to be filled out by the customer.

Under a valid warranty claim Luna Machinery will replace or repair the warranted part. Travel, accommodation and/or freight to and from customers factory are not included under any warranty claim an will be bill as per Luna Machinery’s normal travel/freight charges.

Warranty does not cover consumable items such as but not limited to blades, cutters, back fence, pneumatic cylinders.

Warranty will not be covered under any of the following:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Miss use or neglect
  • Material unclamped (includes off-cut) Operator error
  • Exceeding the limits of the machine Dirty and/or wet air supply
  • Incorrect and/or unstable power supply


Due to the nature of some light aluminium profiles Luna Machinery recommends that all material to be cut using a circular saw should be clamped (manual or pneumatic) including the off-cut. This is particularly important if mitre cuts are to be performed. Damage due to unclamped material is not covered in any way under warranty.

If it is not practical to clamp the off-cut the off-cut should be a minimum of 100mm in length to avoid being thrown by the blade. Please refer to AS 4024.

To avoid this situation Luna Machinery offers a variety of alternatives to drop saw for cutting aluminium profiles. Please ask you Luna sales representative or visit our web site for more information about mitre cutting machinery.