Schaffer Aluminium Saw Blades


Luna Circular Saw Blades are made in Germany to our own specifications. Luna Blades feature a Super Hardened Tungsten Carbide Tip. This allows our blades to perform at their optimum level for longer periods of cutting. We also provide blades with the correct rake angles required for clean and efficient aluminium cutting.

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Luna Machinery has the complete range of industrial sized aluminium blades from 250mm up to 600mm including hard to find sizes such as 330, 380 and 420mm. You will not find a better value German made aluminium blades anywhere.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions N/A
Schaffer Diameter

Schaffer 250mm x 3.2 x 30 80T, Schaffer 280mm x 3.2 x 32 88T, Schaffer 300mm x 3.2 x 30 96T, Schaffer 330mm x 3.4 x 32 96T, Schaffer 350mm x 3.4 x 30 108T, Schaffer 380mm x 3.8 x 32 110T, Schaffer 400mm x 3.8 x 32 108T, Schaffer 420mm x 4.0 x 30 120T, Schaffer 450mm x 4.0 x 30 108T, Schaffer 450mm x 4.0 x 30 66T, Schaffer 550mm x 4.4 x 32 128T, Schaffer 550mm x 4.4 x 30 96T, Schaffer 600mm x 3.6 x 32 140T