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Insights from 38 Years Experience at AMS

At AMS Aluminium Machinery Solutions, we’ve spent 38 years working with, servicing and selling aluminium cutting machines and accessories. We have worked with and supported hundreds of customers over the years and have seen first-hand the profound impact of having the right machinery on business operations. The benefits are substantial, ranging from enhancing daily workflow to improving long-term profit. 

Boosting Efficiency and Reducing Labour Costs

    When we first started, the industry was heavily reliant on manual labour. Today, the landscape has dramatically changed thanks to advancements in machinery and technology. For instance, the Yilmaz FR221S copy router is a game-changer. This machine uses an interchangeable pre-designed metal template and twin pin copying to transfer shapes onto the workpiece accurately. The result is a significant reduction in processing time and labour costs. Tasks that once took hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time, allowing your workforce to focus on other critical production areas.

    Enhancing Product Quality Through Consistency

    Advanced machinery with precise control systems, such as the range of Pertici CNC routers, have computer-controlled multi-axis extrusion capabilities, ensuring that every cut is exact and uniform (within 0.1mm +/-). This consistency is pivotal for meeting stringent quality standards and clients’ unique design requirements, as it minimises errors and defects introduced by manual operations or outdated equipment. Having a machine that outputs high-quality products every time leads to improved customer satisfaction and reduced waste from rework or rejects. 

    Cost Savings and Long-Term Investment

    If you have the right machine for the job, you need the right accessories and consumables to get the absolute best out of your machine. Take, for example, the Yilmaz ACK700 upcut saw, or the SK500 auto feed and cut saw; pairing them with a Kanefusa saw blade gives you a Japanese-made carbide-tipped blade that cuts quieter, vibrates less and cuts cleaner than other saws. However, how its teeth retain their sharpness for longer leads to cost-saving over time through purchasing fewer replacements and less downtime maintaining them.     

    Flexibility and Adaptability in Production

    A versatile machine that seamlessly switches between multiple tasks, such as milling, drilling, threading, and cutting, like the Pertici P104 CNC, is an invaluable  asset that allows aluminium-cutting businesses to adapt quickly to client’s requests and complex designs. Through its user interface and automated features, the P104 further streamlines workflow, providing more value, ease of use and flexibility in a dynamic workshop.

    The right machinery is crucial for any workshop. Like a heart, its activity impacts how the entire workshop runs daily for its operational lifetime. You need machinery that enhances efficiency, ensures consistent, high-quality output, achieves cost savings, and provides the flexibility required to meet diverse client demands. Investing in cutting-edge equipment and high-quality accessories transforms daily operations and helps improve long-term profitability and customer satisfaction.

    Partner with the Professionals at AMS   

    In operation since 1985, AMS has the experience and knowledge to guide you on the best aluminium machinery solutions for your business. We assist with machinery installation, training your team and ongoing servicing to support your crew and machines. We have long-term customer relationships and take pride in helping your business grow with the most effective machinery solutions.    

    If you’re looking for aluminium machinery solutions for your business or want to investigate how to streamline your workflow, contact us at 1300 736 556 or email [email protected].