Lunasol XL CNC High Performance Coolant


Lunasol XL is a superior coolant/cutting fluid for use in precision spray mist applicators and positive displacement pumps like those usually found in CNC Routing Machines such as ART, Multicam and Emmegi. Lunasol XL is designed to ensure the cleanest cut possible when working with Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloy Steel. Lunasol XL has a unique scientific formula providing optimum cooling and lubricating properties. Made in Germany to high specifications, this coolant is specially formulated for high-precision coolant pumps found on most CNC routing machines. Special ‘Anti Wear’ additives are used to prolong tool life and improve cut finish. Designed to be used in micro-drop or high-precision pumps.

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  • “Multi-Metal Safe (Steel & Aluminium)”
  • Lengthens Blade/Cutter life
  • Designed for “Micro-Drop” applicators
  • Contains special corrosion inhibitors
  • Use ‘neat’ (undiluted)
  • Made in Germany

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